Are you ready to have a maid service you can run from anywhere?

The Digital Systems Bootcamp is now a live online class. For more information on the program, head on over to our website.

See what our DSB grads had to say!

Clara Byler

ZenCleaner - Windsor, CO

I knew I needed to learn how to run my business more efficiently with systems, processes, more automation with our scheduling and day to day things of business, then COVID hit. My life turned upside down! I decided to join Digital Systems Bootcamp to hold myself accountable and learn everything I can so I can come back stronger than ever! The Bootcamp not only kept me from giving up on my business it propelled me forward in ways I never imagined! I feel confident that I can scale and grow as much as I want to and run my business from anywhere! If you run a Maid Service and want to grow and scale and get your time back, you will love this Bootcamp!! Thank you Courtney for being the best teacher on the planet!

Kesha Gossett

Your Clean Break

DSB was the absolute greatest investment I could have made in my business. I thought I knew a lot (not all) about this industry but taking this class with the group of people I did, proved me wrong. Courtney's wealth of knowledge is such an asset. I have already doubled my sales from the previous month and did it all without stressing or fussing. Thank you so much for this, I don't know how many times I can say it. This course was exactly what my business needed.

GiGi Bachmann

GiGi Clean - Naples, FL

DSB has been an amazing experience. It has finally made me have my business working for me. Most of all the operations are done in the background with zaps, making your work more efficient and freeing up your time to work on more valuable things than pushing paperwork. These apps and programs are there to help you and we are not using them to its potential. With Courtney's help she does just that.

Jarelle Flibotte

Cleaning by JMF LLC - Barre, VT

DSB provided me an actionable step by step system to automate my hiring pipeline, lead pipeline, client information, social media scheduling, and much more. My company is no longer reliant on my brain to remember the idiosyncrasies of my business. Not a consultant, not a coach, but the world's best automation teacher!

Laurie Koon

L & L Cleaning Services - Mechanicsville, VA

Courtney and her teaching ability is amazing! The way she teaches each lesson is straight forward and easy to learn even for those of us who are a little behind in the world of technology. This is definitely the course to take if you would like to have your business run like a well-oiled machine. Thank you for everything Courtney you're much loved here!!!!!

Jenn Jubrey

Maid Spotless - West Sand Lake, NY

This course was incredibly helpful. I know that I will easily be able to save 10 hours a week of work just because of the systems and automation we created. It is taught in such a way that you can simply follow her steps and get it set up so you don't have to be a technology guru. But she also explains it in such a way that you can use the foundation to grow. I can't say enough about how this course will benefit your business and improve your quality of life by eliminating chaos.

Leah Day

The Cleaning Gals - Pottstown, PA

I thoroughly enjoyed taking Courtney's DSB course. The course was well structured, taught at a comfortable pace, and she explained everything in great detail. She provided us the necessary tools and information to be able to accomplish these tasks. I recommend this class to everyone, no matter how comfortable or scared you are of a computer.

Lisa Bauerle

Rub-a-Dub Scrub - Severance, CO

I cannot say enough about this course! It is great! The programs, apps, and tips and tricks you learn (Google Drive, SEO, ClickUp, Zapier, Slack to name only a FEW) has made my life easier and ORGANIZED! I used to be a pen and paper girl but with all the apps I have learned how awesome the freedom of a centralized digital workspace can be. By the time you are done with this course, Courtney will have blown your mind with all the possibilities! With step-by-step breakdowns of everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, you will be able to build your business infrastructure flawlessly as well as have the tools to expand upon it. None of this would be possible without Courtney's true desire to see everyone succeed! Her courses are designed with so much heart and it shows. Forever grateful!!!

Joelle Tolbize

BookaMaid - Ellenbrook, Australia

For the first time since I started my cleaning business, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, feel confident and know what to do next and how to proceed. I think everyone who wants to start a cleaning business or even any other business should start with Courtney's Bootcamp Course. You will learn how to organize and automate your whole business(how to automate recruiting, how to automate new leads and follow up) and get it ready to hand over to a VA. The Digital Bootcamp Course will remove the headache before it even starts, Courtney Over delivers and cares so much. Thanks a lot for what you do and for this awesome course Courtney. Thanks a million.

Luis Viera

Twinkle Cleaning Services, LLC

Systems, systems, and systems. That's what you need to succeed and scale in your business. Now, you can try and come up with your own systems, and like me, keep hitting your head on the wall and move slowly towards success, or sign up with DSB and realize that you've been working for your business all these years, instead of your business working for you. You won't realize how much precious time you've been losing until you get your business automated. The money invested in this course is far less than what you'll lose, or perhaps not earn if you don't do so. Thank you, Courtney, for putting this course together and for helping business owners like me finally breakthrough and set ourselves up for success.