What Can You Learn?

  • Organization

    Is your office or computer a mess? Learn how to best organize your digital infrastructure so that you can run your business from anywhere. Never lose a file in the digital black hole again and easily access anything you need at any time.

  • Automation

    Ever wonder how others are able to clock out at 5pm when you are up working til all hours of the night? The secret is AUTOMATION! Learn the newest and most efficient methods to automate all sorts of things to save you time!

  • Delegation

    Have full oversight of everything going on in your business and the ability to delegate tasks to free up your precious time. Learn how and what to delegate so that you can do higher-level tasks that make you money instead of wasting time putting out fires.

Our Latest Course

The Digital Systems Bootcamp

A 10-week intense bootcamp that will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to digitize your business. This is a step by step program built for maid service owners that are serious about making their business efficient and scalable.

Our Mission

To teach maid service owners how to utilize technology so that they are always ahead of the game and ready to level up.

Courtney Wisely, founder of Rescue My Maid Service absolutely LOVES teaching. She loves it so much that she flew all over the country for a year and a half visiting one maid service after another in order to teach them everything she could about how to use technology to level up their business. She realized she had to start offering what she teaches in a more accessible format so that she could help as many business owners as she could. She began hosting group retreats for 10 owners at a time but still wasn't able to meet the needs of everyone interested. Now, with these digital courses, she is finally able to teach everyone who wants to learn without physical capacity limits. All of the courses published here are the culmination of thousands of hours of coaching, training, innovation, and a pure passion for this industry.


Clara Byler

ZenCleaner - Windsor, CO

I knew I needed to learn how to run my business more efficiently with systems, processes, more automation with our scheduling and day to day things of business, then COVID hit. My life turned upside down! I decided to join Digital Systems Bootcamp to hold myself accountable and learn everything I can so I can come back stronger than ever! The Bootcamp not only kept me from giving up on my business it propelled me forward in ways I never imagined! I feel confident that I can scale and grow as much as I want to and run my business from anywhere! If you run a Maid Service and want to grow and scale and get your time back, you will love this Bootcamp!! Thank you Courtney for being the best teacher on the planet!

Kate Sloan

Chicka Chicka Broom - Montgomery, MN

The only thing I need to run my business now is my laptop! Like magic my applicants and prospects are zapped to my pipeline in Clickup, my Google drive is now my friend, not my foe, and my marketing plan is all set up in my Clickup Calendar. One word FREEDOM!

Thomas and Katie Rasnick

Cleaning By Design - Jacksonville, FL

We can say first hand that this is the most incredible team of people we have ever worked with! They go out of their way to help us in so many ways, above and beyond there actual scope of work. This is a team of people who truly want to make a difference in the world and their tireless efforts will definitely help you and your business get to the next level and beyond. We are forever grateful for what they have done, and continue to do for us. We love you all!

Lisa Ciao

Maid For You - Warminster, PA

Courtney has been so successful in helping my business to get digitally organized. I am a pen and paper girl. With this program and Courtney’s assistance I got rid of 20 bags of paper and uploaded everything onto my laptop. This program helps to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks by implementing all the knowledge we have on and in our business. What good is it to have the knowledge but not move forward with the tasks. The Digital Bootcamp is the answer. It streamlines and connects the dots for all the digital parts of business in One place without having to think about it or remember tasks to do. This program does it all for you, it is like a puzzle. Just follow the steps and you will be successful. It has made such a. Difference in my business. In October 2019 I had 72 customers by January 1 I had 101 customers all due to implementing the information I learned at my digital Boot Camp.

Ellen Johnston

Above & Beyond Housekeeping - Wernersville, PA

I wish I would have done this sooner! My business runs so much smoother because everything is automated. I no longer have to search for anything! It’s all on google and in ClickUp. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore!!! I literally only go in the office once a week now. I can work from home whenever I want. Thank you Courtney for making this possible.

Kayla McBride

K's Cleaning Service - Hallsville, TX

I love that I am able to get up and look at all of my things in ONE place. Each morning I go to click up and I know what I need to get done! Using the software has made it possible to stay calm and organized going into the time of COVID-19. I am not sure I would be able to hang in here if I would not have been taught these things. I owe my successful growth to the knowledge of the software I have been taught

Bryan Morton

KAS Cleaning Services - Suffolk, VA

Courtney’s automation system instantly gave me 10+ hours of time each week back. I went from running around chasing leads and entering them in, to an easy streamlined process in which my clients' data is captured and stored in an easy, organized system. Knowing where we are with every lead, client, and job applicant at the touch of a button has given me peace of mind, and time with my family. Completely life-changing.

Dina Maccarone

Precision Cleaning - Cranston, RI

I am completely technology illiterate! To the point where the things that Courtney has taught me I would NEVER even knew were a possibility! The automation of my hiring process has been mind blowing!! Click-Up is an entire LIFE-CHANGER, both personally and business wise. Having all the documents, systems and processes done for you-PRICELESS! The cherry on top of ALL OF THIS? Courtney is the most genuine, loving, nurturing human on the planet. Not only does she walk you through this she doesn’t make you feel like you are some kind of dummy, instead she makes you feel confident, empowered, and equipped to bring your business to a level you could have never dreamed possible!

Rachel Hicks

Slightly OCD Cleaning Service - Brunswick, GA

Courtney’s incredible expertise and crazy wisdom at how to organize your entire life and business with her Digital Systems is impeccable!!! You will not only learn how to completely automate your business but also how those systems zap together and how it all works together behind the scenes! She’s such a caring and creative individual that her patience and genuineness shines through in her every word and action!!! My experience was completely game-changing for me and my business right in the midst of a global crisis!!! I came out of it with crazy confidence because of her constant edification and assurance that I can totally get this system down, every step and that she was there for me if I ever needed help! I cannot say enough about The Digital Systems Boot Camp’s tangible joy on so many levels and Courtney’s character and integrity! A MUST ATTEND!!!

Lizzie Strohl

Lebanon Cleaning Crew - Lebanon, MO

This system has completely transformed my business well beyond my expectations and wildest dreams! I am so glad that I decided to take the leap on this! Before everything in my company was ran mostly on paper or on an excel sheet. Now, I have everything in one place, it's fully automated, and I can run it from any computer anywhere that I happen to be! Life is good! Thanks Courtney!

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